blood_feud_150Rave Reviews for Blood Feud:


“Far and away one of the best young adult supernatural fantasy novels released in the last few years…. [Pan is] exactly the kind of teen heroine that readers should be standing up and cheering for.”
Melissa Voelker,
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Blood Feud is a young adult book that does the all-important job of translating well to an adult audience…. Roman’s writing is wonderfully crisp, drawing us into a hidden world that is great fun. Definitely recommended for the target audience (and us readers who are that little bit older).”
Andrew Boylan, Taliesin Meets the Vampires
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Blood Feud is one of those fabulous books that manages to straddle the young adult/adult fiction divide, catering equally for teens and more, ahem, ‘mature’ readers alike with a light touch that makes it a joy to read.”
Kell Smurthwaite, BCF Book Reviews
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“Well written… this modern-day, urban Goth horror will have readers turning the pages to discover how Pandora comes to terms with a very old problem—encountering the monsters among us!”
Lillian Hawkins, Gothic Blend
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“A fun and very much recommended read that shouldn’t be overlooked.”
Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review
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“A big-style cinematic vampire and monster hunter shoot-’em-up with a very human kid caught in the crossfire. Like any outsider teen, Pandora has her troubles, and can get two fisted when she needs to, but her relationship with her parents and close friends makes the story gold.”
Elizabeth Watasin, Goodreads
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“Pan is such a strong in-depth character, which I instantly liked and related to…. All in all a 5-star read.”
Carly Lily, Fiction Fascination
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“Roman brings horror to NYC and spins a tale that keeps the reader enthralled…. I recommend this book for all horror readers and especially to young girls…”
D. W. Jones, Blood Moon Rising
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“Charmingly fun, addictively energetic, explosively violent and almost terminally endearing. Oh, and highly recommended.”
—“The Dome,” Sci-Fi Saturday Night
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“The book is a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next one, so I suggest you go check this out.”
—J. D. Calderon, Talking to the Scribe The Oswald Chronicles
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“This book absolutely sucked me in and didn’t let me go! The characters are beautifully developed and relatable. Pandora is so three-dimensional that you feel like you’ve known her your entire life…. No matter what genre you’re into, Blood Feud has something to offer any reader of any age.”
Ashleigh Mayes, Krypto Dies!

 “Pandora is cooler than Buffy, tougher than the emo wimps in Twilight.”
Jay Amabile, The Sexy Armpit

blood_reign_150Rave Reviews for Blood Reign:

“If you thought the first book, Blood Feud, was high powered, you’ll love this book! To paraphrase movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn’s quote: Blood Reign starts with an earthquake and builds to a climax…. This was one fun read!”
Dwight Jon Zimmerman,
New York Times bestselling coauthor of Lincoln’s Last Days

“If Blood Feud, the first volume, took some deliberate pacing steps to build Pandora’s character, this volume eschews that as it thunders along at breakneck speed, barely pausing for breath at any given time (and, I must say, the volume was devoured at speed as well)… I thoroughly enjoyed this volume.”
Andrew Boylan, Taliesin Meets the Vampires
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