Happy Women in Horror Month 2018!

whitefell-werewolf-cvrIt’s February, and that means it’s time again for Women in Horror Month, the annual celebration that shines the spotlight on the contributions of all the female creators—writers, artists, movie directors, producers, special makeup artists, special effects experts, etc.—who’ve brought thrills and chills to generations of fans around the world. And the Women in Horror Month website is the place to go to find out all about the events scheduled for this year. To quote the organization’s website:

Women in Horror Month (WiHM) is an international, grassroots initiative, which encourages supporters to learn about and showcase the underrepresented work of women in the horror industries. Whether they are on the screen, behind the scenes, or contributing in their other various artistic ways, it is clear that women love, appreciate, and contribute to the horror genre.

This inclusive and positive movement is open to everyone, just as we believe the horror genre should be.

CarmillaFor more information, visit the WiHM site.

If you’re looking for a good book to read as part of this celebration, Pan’s publisher, StarWarp Concepts, has White Fell—The Werewolf, a late-19th-century tale by author and suffragette Clemence Annie Housman that’s considered possibly the first feminist werewolf story. There’s also J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic vampire love story, Carmilla, the Illustrated Classic that’s available in print and digital formats from SWC, and features great black-and-white illustrations by Eliseu Gouveia, the artist from The Saga of Pandora Zwieback #0 and The Saga of Pandora Zwieback Annual #1. If you enjoy tales of horror and empowered women, be sure to give them a read!

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