Pandora Zwieback

Pan is a 16-year-old Goth who’s spent the last ten years seeing monsters—and fearing that she might be insane because of it. But after meeting an immortal monster hunter named Sebastienne Mazarin, Pan discovers that her “monstervision” isn’t a sign of madness—it’s a supernatural gift she’s always had that allows her to see the creatures of the night. Now, with the help of Sebastienne, Pan’s boyfriend Javier, and Pan’s best friend Sheena (and others), the adventurous Goth is going to discover just how weird and wondrous—and dangerous—the world really is!


Sebastienne Mazarin

Born in the 16th century, Sebastienne (“Annie” to her friends) is the daughter of a French explorer and a Brazilian shaman of a mythical tribe of female warriors living in the Amazon jungle. Gifted with immortality and the ability to shape-change, Annie has become the world’s premier monster hunter, and picked up a nickname that strikes terror in the hearts of her enemies when they hear it: La Bella Tenebrosa—the beautiful, dark one. Annie acts as Pan’s guide to the supernatural, and will aid the girl in mastering her strange talents—if they can get a break from all the world-saving, that is.