13 Days of Pan-demonium

13 Days of Pan-demonium

“The 13 Days of Pan-demonium” is a celebration of the release of BLOOD FEUD: THE SAGA OF PANDORA ZWIEBACK, Book 1. It is the work of a dozen fantastic artists (plus the author Steven A. Roman), presenting their unique interpretations of the one and only Pandora Zwieback.


Day One – Pandora Rocks!


Henar is an artist from Madrid and works under the pseudonym of Liester. “Pandora Rock!” shows Pan and her best friend, Sheena McCarthy (another Goth) attending a death-metal concert starring their favorite band, Sarkophagia.

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Day Two – Are These Guys in Trouble, or What?

Artist – Jim Coon

Jim is an artist who got his start in small press comics. His Gahan Wilson-like piece shows why he’s such a great indie artist.

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Day Three – Alas, Poor Zombies…

Artist – Teresa Challender

Teresa is famous for her character-driven science fiction comic Wandering Star, but she’s also great with comedic horror. Why, even zombies love Pan’s first adventure, Blood Feud!

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Day Four – “You Want a Salad to Go With That Stake?”

Artist – Dave Hoover

Dave Hoover passed away on Sept. 5, 2011, but we’ll always remember him here for this amazing portrait of Pan and Annie.

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Day Five – “The Pan-tom of the Opera!”

Artist – Louis Small, Jr.

Louis was the acclaimed penciller of Harris Comics’ Vampirella comic books, so who better to provide a tribute to the classic horror tale—with a Zwiebackian twist, of course!

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Day Six – Chopping Maul

Artist – Elizabeth Watasin

Elizabeth is the writer/artist of Charm School, and author of the forthcoming novel Wit’s World: Never Was. “Chopping Maul” involves Gothic Lolita vampires battling Pan and Annie at a mall—because where else would you find undead fashionistas?

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Day Seven – T(r)oll Bridge

Artist – Caanan Grall

Caanan is a regular contributor to Comic Book Resources’ “The Line, It Is Drawn” feature. Here, Pan and Annie run into one of NYC’s more insistent toll collectors…

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Day Eight – A Break from the Action

Artist – Eliseu “Zeu” Gouveia

What a cute couple! Pan and her boyfriend, Javier Maldonado, indulge in a bit of alone-time, courtesy of Pandora Zwieback and Lorelei artist Eliseu “Zeu” Gouveia.

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Day Nine – The Evil Dead-Pan

Artist – Neil Vokes

Neil is the award-winning artist of The Black Forest and Flesh & Blood. “Evil Dead-Pan” shows the love all horror fans have for the lord of monster fighters, Bruce Campbell!

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Day Ten – Green Pan-tern

Artist – Chris Malgrain

Based in France, Chris is the artist of Stan Lee’s Alexa. So who better to draw Pan as a parody of DC Comics’ famous superhero space cop?

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Day Eleven – “Hey, You Mind? I’m Trying to Read!”

Artist – Uriel Caton

Pan’s co-creator and designer, Uriel got his start in comics on titles like The Ex-Mutants and JSA Annual, but he now works as the Senior Minimate (2D) Artist for Diamond Select Toys.

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Day Twelve – Subtlety? Not Really Her Strong Suit

Artist – Steve Roman

This Roman guy’s an okay drawer. I understand he also wrote a novel about a Goth girl who fights monsters. Sounds a lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to me, but what do I know?  😉

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Day Thirteen – Werewolf Cafe

Artist – Ciaran Lucas

Ciaran is a digital artist who also works as a comics colorist. “Werewolf Café” shows that no place is safe from monsters—not even your local coffee house!

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